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Counter Display

Counter Display is an add-on component beneficial for managing customer flow with improved signage showing ticket number and counter number along with digital media

Aura Ticket Dispenser

  • Aura is the next generation high quality capacitive multi touch queuing ticket dispenser with a modular look and feel combined with a multimedia support bringing customer flow and experience a big delight.

  • The most economical, small footprint kiosk solution.

  • Very intuitive interface, with the ability to customize layout graphics.

  • Wi-Fi and Ethernet communication interfaces.

  • Easy and safe access for maintenance purposes and paper roll replacement.

  • High Quality Touchscreen Displays (Full Viewing Angle)

  • Available printer options: 15” Aura and 17” Aura.

  • Standard 80mm Thermal Printer.

  • Prints at least 200 mm (8 inches) per second.( This will print a token in less than a second, including logos )